The mission of Historic Todd County, Inc. is to preserve Todd County’s unique heritage and historic sites.

  • Preserve and Restore
  • Educate and Inform
  • Commemorate and Promote


Objectives to accomplish the mission and goals are as follows:


Preserve and Restore
  1. Complete the restoration of the 1835 Courthouse in order to preserve Todd County’s most cherished historical asset.
  2. Create a museum to be located in the 1835 Courthouse – complementary to Welcome Center – which will house artifacts and interpret the history of Todd County.
  3. Conduct fundraising and other fund development opportunities and pursue grant opportunities that will provide funding to accomplish the goals and objectives of Historic Todd County, Inc.
  4. Encourage the preservation and restoration efforts of other historic sites and structures in Todd County.
  5. Support the Todd County Public Library in its efforts to collect and archive relevant genealogical information.
Educate and Inform
  1. Support the development and dissemination of factually accurate literature on the county’s history.
  2. Increase public awareness and appreciation of historic properties and special places.
  3. Recognize Todd County’s history through interpretive signs, historical markers and other medium.
  4. Foster an appreciation among current and future generations through educational materials and public programs.
  5. Communicate and inform members and the public at-large about Todd County’s heritage through print, web and social media.
Commemorate and Promote
  1. Support and enhance tourism efforts in Todd County that promote and celebrate historical places, events and people that played a role in Todd County’s history.
  2. Organize and carry out Todd County’s Bicentennial in 2020, ensuring a county-wide celebration commemorating the 200 years of Todd County’s presence in the Commonwealth.
  3. Serve as a liaison to regional and state historical associations, as well as local schools, civic groups, government entities and other museums in Todd County.