Selected Art and Other Art Submissions for Sale

We are now down to five pieces of art to sell that were submitted for T Is for Todd County.  Again, we appreciate the support we have been provided with our T Is for Todd County book project! Todd County can indeed be proud! Please share with others info about the remaining pieces that are now on display at the Welcome Center (1835 Courthouse). Pictured below are pics and explanations of the remaining pieces for sale through our efforts with T Is for Todd County. As the pieces sell, their pics will be removed. We ask you please share with others info about them.  Please note we had to deal with lighting and the effects of taking the pics on a very busy schedule. If you click on a pic, you will see a bigger image. Christmas is just around the corner, and these art pieces will definitely bring smiles to recipients of all ages and professions. You will also be assisting us with generating monies for the rehabilitation of the second floor of the 1835 Courthouse!