Our Second Printing of “T Is for Todd County” Is Now Available

Historic Todd County, Inc. received its second printing of “T Is for Todd County” on Thursday, August 23, 2018. Obviously, we are ecstatic HTC has received so much support for this major fundraiser and has opted to secure a second printing of the book in order to meet the demands for it. Copies of “T” remain at $20 even with a slight increase in the cost of production to HTC; “T” can also be purchased online at our website for $25 to cover the expenses of mailing.

Please remember “T” is an alphabet and art coffee table book featuring people, places, and events significant in Todd County’s history. Since it features the letters of the alphabet, each letter features a subject related to Todd County’s unique history. Local and area artists, and many former Todd Countians, contributed artwork representing each subject of the book.

Gary Violette, a member of the book committee, described the book last year as an “alphabetical collection of art, images, and text celebrating Todd County’s unique heritage.” As most know, the publication of the book arose out of a request from Glenn Slack and Billy Bryant, president and vice-president of Historic Todd County, Inc., to ‘ponder’ possible fundraisers to generate monies to be used for the future rehabilitation of the second floor of the 1835 Courthouse. Laura Brock accepted that challenge, and as we now know, “T” became the result of that brainstorming. Gary Violette summarized “T Is for Todd County” as “the essential introduction to Todd County.”

We do hope you will choose to purchase additional copies of “T,” and we solicit your support ‘spreading the word’ about having the second printing. We know we have only touched the surface of folks who are from Todd County, who have connections to folks here, and who are even newcomers to our community. We have stated quite often that “T” is a perfect gift for all occasions — birthdays, weddings, reunions, births of little ones, or other special occasions. It very easily could serve as a gift to someone who has made an impact on your or your family’s life! We’ll leave the reason for purchasing up to you since we know the gift is such a beloved one!

HTC also wants to express thanks to those who are assisting with the sale of “T;” without those individuals accepting another responsibility, we would not be able to meet the needs of the public. As always, we also want to reiterate we appreciate your support as we work to rehabilitate the second floor of the 1835 Courthouse, one beloved by so many Todd Countians scattered throughout the world.

You can purchase the books at these locations:

Welcome Center – 1 Public Square, Historic 1835 Courthouse, Elkton, KY — W, Th, and F from 10 until 5 PM

Something Special” – 84 Public Square, Elkton, KY

Prim and Proper Boutique” – 106 S Main Street, Elkton, KY

Sweet Caroline’s Boutique” – 10 Public Square, Elkton, KY

Rosa Belle’s Boutique” – 105 S Main Street, Trenton, KY

Click Here to Purchase Online through PayPal 

Note: T Is for Todd County books purchased online cost $25.00 each and includes sales tax and shipping costs. You do not have to have a PayPal account to purchase. Click the link above to begin the purchase.  Select the number of books you want to order and click “Continue.” On the next page, you can either login to your PayPal account to complete the purchase.  Or, click on the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” button to pay using your credit or debit card.